Frequently Unasked Questions

Frequently Unasked Questions

Here’s a collection of articles that answer the unasked as well as the asked. A top ten of articles as it were…

Choosing a Dojo.  What to look for, what to avoid and what not to get hung up on. Some thing to think about 

Becoming a student.  Thinking about taking up Aikido, here are some pointers to finding a good dojo and place  to train(we think we meet a few of these criteria…and are working on the rest)

Self defence 101.  Here it is in a nutshell, mostly backed up by research…it may surprise you what is your biggest danger

Aikido Yuishinkai. Everything you wanted to know about Aikido Yuishinkai but were afraid to ask, well not quite, but a growing collection of stuff

Aikido Seminars: Want to go to an aikido or budo seminar, keep these tips in mind

Seminar reports. Straight from the mounths of babes here are a collection of reports from aikido seminars spanning the last few years

Running a dojo. Want to open and run an aikido dojo , check this series of articles

Aikiphysics. Ki power, internal strength and those amazing feats…unplugged using some physics. See AikiPhysics and How to throw

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