REED13: William Reed Sensei Seminar August 16-18, Mt Gravatt, Brisbane

Dear Aikido Friends,

reed13logoWe are delighted to let you know that in conjunction with William Reed Sensei we have finalised the seminar programme and location for his visit in August as Maruyama Sensei’s representative to Australia for this year. This year is the 10th anniversary of Aikido Yuishinkai in the West, under the foundation leadership of Williams Sensei. Reed Sensei will take us on a tour de force of Aikido Yuishinkai to celebrate the occasion. The seminar website is
Seminar Programme
‘The evolution of Aikido Yuishinkai’ seminar explores its roots and latest developments, from someone there from the beginning, as encouragement to press on as the school continues to mature and develop.
This unique insight is the perfect accompanyment to our daily practice giving us a richer understanding of Maruyama Sensei’s journey to form and develop Aikido Yuishinkai right from his early days with the founder. The aiki arts arrived through direct transmission to us from the Sokaku Takeda, along the way drawing influences from many other teaching. While Eastern audiences seek to practice as the teaching requires, in the West an understanding of ‘Why’ is often an unspoken and unasked question.  As a bridge between East and West Reed sensei can help us cross this chasm and understand more the beauty and richness of Aikido Yuishinkai through tracing the path of evolution with a sprinkling of humour and anecdotes along the way. please see the for the seminar programmeSensei will examine many of the facets of Aikido Yuishinkai and illuminate with deeper meaning through cultural and root art context the purposes of the practice.
The seminar will be held from Friday evening Augest 16th- Sunday 18th at the Mt. Gravatt Showgrounds, just opposite our dojo.  We would like to take this opportunity to thank the many Brisbane area dojo and seniors for their offers to provide mats and help out (Griffith, Capalaba, Harmony, Logan, Redlands and Hanson sensei to date) and an indication of support.
Accommodation options
We have listed a number of accomodation options for out of towners.  Alison Lane/ Eric Ohlsen have also offered to co-ordinate billetting with locals ( If you are a local and can offer a bed this is a terriffic opportunity to make the world a bit smaller and make new friends.
We anticipate the seminar cost to be approximately $180 and expect to offer discounts for travellers and early bird registrants.  Registration will open soon.
A very detailed seminar programme and additional information, particularly for travellers is provided on the seminar website . Registration is for attendees on and off the mat. The semimar is aimed at adults, though young people may attend if a guardian is present. We are considering  opening some sessions to children depending on intrest.
Stay in touch
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Kanso and look forward to seeing you at Reed 2013!
Anthony and Danny
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